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Jesolo is more than just a seaside holiday!

Would you like to spend a different sort of day? You will find interesting activities and amusement for both adults and children not far from Hotel Roma. Jesolo looks after modern tourists and every year comes up with new attractions tied to sport, movement, culture and entertainment...It’s impossible to be bored in Jesolo!


Caribe Bay

A day trip to the Caribbean! Relax at Shark Bay, sipping on coconut milk under the shade of a palm tree, on a real Caribbean beach that surrounds the world’s only swimming pool with real sand inside the water. Spend the day enjoying unique attractions, social media features and world record breaking thrills, not to mention the top-quality shows that will take your breath away!

Sea Life

Sea Life

Sea Life will take you on a journey to discover a magical marine world, passing through an amazing underwater tunnel, with 30 tanks and more than 5000 marine species to see. Prepare yourselves for close encounters with extraordinary creatures such as the curious starfish, the elegant rays or the formidable sharks.

Tropicarium Park

Tropicarium Park

Tropicarium is home to about 400 animals: turtles and tortoises, geckos, lizards and iguanas, monitor lizards, small and large snakes, frogs, toads, salamanders plus a new primates area with splendid small monkeys. Entertainment is a foregone conclusion!

Golf club

Caribbean Golf

The new golf club with an 18-hole course is ideal for lovers of the sport; this peaceful spot is in an excellent position at the edge of bustling town life yet only 200 metres from the beach. You will find peace and relaxation surrounded by green.

Pista Azzurra

Pista Azzurra

With a surface area of 80000 m2, Pista Azzurra is one of the world’s most important racetracks, where go-karting competitions and motorsport events are hosted every year. Both adults and children can hire go-karts and there is also a well-equipped workshop and repair shop as well as a large car park with children’s playground.

New Jesolandia

New Jesolandia

Located on the edge of Lido di Jesolo, New Jesolandia is the latest amusement park for both adults and children. The structure spreads across approximately 20,000 m2 and offers you attractions and fun for the entire family to be enjoyed in all comfort and safety.



Jesolo is one of the most modern and well-equipped ports on the Adriatic Sea. It can easily be reached from the hotel on foot or by bicycle. It lies 40 miles from the Croatian coast and only 7 miles from Venice, not being far from the lagoon with its access channels. Jesolo Marina is the ideal starting point for a boating holiday.


Don't miss the best events in Jesolo

Eros Ramazzotti - World Tour - Venerdì 28 Aprile 2023

Eros Ramazzotti - World Tour - Friday 28 April 2023

Paul Weller In Concerto - Domenica 24 Settembre 2023

Paul Weller In Concert - Sunday 24 September 2023

European ITF Taekwondo Championship - dal 17 al 24 Aprile 2023

European ITF Taekwondo Championship - from 17 to 24 April 2023

Ironman 70.3 Venice - Jesolo - Domenica 7 Maggio 2023

Ironman 70.3 Venice - Jesolo - Sunday 7 May 2023

Sculture di Sabbia - dal 20/04 al 03/05 e dal 07/05 al 24/09

Sand Sculptures - from 20/04 to 03/05 and from 07/05 to 24/09

12^ Moonlight Half Marathon - Sabato 20 Maggio 2023

12th Moonlight Half Marathon - Saturday 20 May 2023

Giro d'Italia 106^ Edizione - Mercoledì 24 Maggio 2023

Giro d'Italia 106th Edition - Wednesday 24 May 2023