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+39  0421  971  523

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Every day there is a generous buffet of fresh vegetables to accompany a different à la carte menu; we carefully select all the ingredients and serve all-Italian dishes at Hotel Roma. Our professional chefs are constantly creating superb new dishes with a skilful blending of flavours and aromas from our region, which you will be hard put to tempted.

Hotel Roma Restaurant Hotel Roma Restaurant

Our specialities, catering to all tastes.

The menu is changed constantly so as to satisfy all tastes by presenting a wide choice. You will find delicious pasta dishes served with exquisite tomato sauces, fresh fish and various condiments. The main meat courses consisting of stewed or grilled meat are always paired with mouth-watering side dishes. Only fresh fish is used for the fish dishes, cooked with a pinch of fantasy and served in distinctive ways. Lastly, our homemade desserts are the crowing glory of the meal always full of surprises.

Lunch:  from 12:30    |    Dinner:  from 19:30

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European ITF Taekwondo Championship - dal 17 al 24 Aprile 2023

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Sculture di Sabbia - dal 20/04 al 03/05 e dal 07/05 al 24/09

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12th Moonlight Half Marathon - Saturday 20 May 2023

Giro d'Italia 106^ Edizione - Mercoledì 24 Maggio 2023

Giro d'Italia 106th Edition - Wednesday 24 May 2023

Hotel Roma Logo

Hotel Roma
Via Verdi, 51 - 30016 Jesolo Lido VE - Italia
Tel. +39 0421 971 523 -
P.IVA IT01533960272

Hotel Roma di Fulvio Venezian & C. s.a.s. – Sede legale e Operativa: Via Verdi, 51 - 30016 Jesolo Lido VE – C.F.: e P.IVA: IT01533960272 – PEC: – Prov. Ufficio Registro: Venezia Rovigo Delta Lagunare – Numero Rea: VE-166524 – Capitale Sociale: € 129.114,22 i.v.

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